Inspired by a friend, Bill Kracke, I'm going to start doing daily Coffee Breaks while we are living in the "Work From Home" world that we've found ourselves in. The below is directly copied from his post with links changes to my meeting rooms:

In a time of social distancing, shelter in place, and work from home,  I often find myself thinking some of the following thoughts.

  • “I’m not sure I’ve blinked in the past 15 minutes”
  • “Have I said any words today? Out loud?”
  • “Can I please look at another human being that doesn’t live here!?!”
  • “Hmmmmmmmmm … coffee”

To that end, I have set up a few quick Zoom video chats to stand in for the water cooler chats we might all be missing.


Each meeting is ~15m (a lot of us still have work to do) and is just a drop in and say “Hi” affair. The schedule is below. All times are EST. This  may make odd coffee break times for those of you in other locales.  please see “Can I invite all of my friends?” below for an idea about how  to deal with that.

Monday 1:00PM Join Here
Tuesday 3:00PM Join Here
Wednesday 1:00PM Join Here
Thursday 3:00PM Join Here
Friday 1:00PM Join Here

Rules of the House

  • It’s a coffee break. From work. That’s the vibe.
  • Respect folks.  I may have church friends, very much not church friends, work clients,  bosses, etc. stopping in. Be respectful and you stay. Be excessively  disrespectful? We can take a second to show you the Ban Hammer.
  • Politics? Religion? I generally take my coffee with cream, no sugar, but you do you. Just respect folks and we should all be OK.
  • Be decent. Be a grown up. Don’t be intentionally offensive, but don’t feel like you need to  censor yourself. If the room had a rating, let’s call it PG-13.
  • Crowd Control Video chats become less fun & productive after 8 or so, so if we  have a TON of people turn out, I will probably make “break out rooms” of  8 or so and either let y’all choose a room to go to, or just randomly  assign you. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.
  • No soliciting If you are looking for a way to promote your blog/app/thing or sell  someone a service or whatever, host your own meeting. It’s a 15 minute  coffee break. Don’t make it weird.


So … what is this now?
A very low key, completely  unorganized opportunity to take a 15 minute break, grab a beverage of  your choice, and talk to a human being that isn’t stuck in the same  building with you for days and days. I’d like to stress: low key,  unorganized, and 15 minutes.

I don’t like coffee
I feel sorry for you, but  that’s OK! Bring your beverage of choice! Or don’t! Bring a snack! It’s  really not about what you may or may not be digesting on the chat.

What if I can’t make it at one of the times?
It’s  a coffee break. If you are working/whatever and can’t make it, no  worries. You aren’t signing up for anything here. Drop in if you want.  Skip it if you want. No offense, but I’ll probably enjoy my coffee with  or without you.

What if Dave can’t make it? Is it cancelled?
Room will always be available at that time. I plan to be there when I can, but it can carry on with or without me.

What’s the end game here?
I’m just looking for ways to stay sane. Not trying to build a community or get you to sign up for anything.

Can I invite all of my friends?
Yes? But might I  suggest that if you have that many friends that want to do something  like this, YOU CAN HOST A COFFEE BREAK! You can get a free online  meeting with Google Meet or Zoom. (Free versions have some limitations.  Zoom will cut you off after 40 minutes … but it’s a coffee break, not a  power lunch)

You are welcome here, but just like your local coffee house is less good with a mob of people you don’t really know in there ….