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Technology at KCC

One of the visions for KCC is for it to become a leading technology center in Uganda. We've started work over the years on that by building a computer lab at Stride Academy, holding classes on basic computer usage, and teaching basic programming to the children.

Destiny Bridge Academy and Stride Academy are two of the best schools in Uganda, drawing many local children to the schools in addition to the children living at KCC. This, combined with the newly built medical center at KCC has led to a need for video surveillance throughout the grounds to protect the children living at KCC.

What does KCC need?

In order to put in the camera equipment, the campus needs to have WiFi throughout the grounds to connect everything together. With approximately 23 acres of land, there's a lot of space to cover with WiFi. Once WiFi is in place, cameras can be placed at important areas throughout campus to monitor the residence areas where children live, ensuring that children living at KCC are safe.


How can I help?

The greatest way you can help immediately is by contributing financially. Each camera costs $115 and each access point costs $100. Would you consider sponsoring a camera or access point?

If you'd like to help us continue to "bring the best to the least," you can donate to our work on YouCaring.