I'm in Uganda!

I've made it to Uganda, not without a few travel woes, but I am here. I don't know if it just hasn't hit me yet or if I'm that comfortable being here, but it just feels like I'm back at home after a long way away.

Pete and I made the trek yesterday, which started out with the person who was going to drive us to the airport getting into an accident. He is okay, but Pete and I had to rent a car to get to the airport on time. Then we arrived in Uganda almost exactly 24 hours after we took off from New York.

Changes to the tech project

Unfortunately, we weren't able to raise enough money to install security cameras for the campus. Instead, Pete and I will be spending the next few days updating the computer lab at Destiny Bridge Academy. In 2011 a team from Wellspring Church that I was part of donated a computer lab to Destiny Bridge so that the students could begin learning basic computer usage, advancing all the way to learning programming. It's been 7 years since that computer lab went in and the computers need some updating. We will be working to remove any software that should not be installed and generally cleanup the computers.

We still need your help

That's right. Even though our tech project has changed, we still need help covering some of the last minute budgetary items that came up with this trip, including having to rent a car to get to the airport. I've also had some unexpected expenditures come up as part of my trip to Kenya to staff with The Crucible Project. If you're willing to donate to help us close out our budget on this trip, you can head on over to YouCaring to donate.